Home First Development was founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to safe, affordable housing and on the strength of our partnerships in the community. 


As we pursue our mission, we do so with nonprofits, builders, investors, banks, churches, foundations and others that we are proud to call our partners. 




Home First buildings are built to last, using time-tested materials and processes. Whenever possible, we include building wide Wi-Fi, play structures, laundry facilities and other amenities. 


With every project, we integrate our core building standards with stakeholder input, in order to develop projects that owners, tenants, and the community can be proud of for years to come. 

Why We Build

We believe affordable housing can and should be built affordably. In Portland Oregon, we face a severe shortage of affordable housing.


  • The Metro area has just 13,000 affordable units – 5% of our total housing stock, and 25,000 fewer than needed


  • In the greater Portland area, the deficit is now 44,000


  • With a median rent of $1,805, it’s time for a new approach

Where We Build

We build in areas that will greatly benefit from the presence of quality, affordable housing improving local neighborhoods with much-needed sidewalks and street improvements.


  • We build near public transportation, so residents can easily make it to work


  • Our projects aim to bring play areas and ball fields to areas in need of healthy opportunities

How We Build

Thoughtful design, quality materials, a commitment to our principles ensure that Home First projects are built to last.


All of our completed buildings are tested and commissioned to assure performance standards have been met and are often exceeded.

What We Build

At Home First we strive to develop buildings that residents are proud to call home.


Each of our flexible building types can be customized depending on the characteristics of the land, the number of desired units and the needs of future residents.


Building structures fail as a result of moisture mismanagement and poor materials.


Moisture can rot structures and develop colonies of mold over time.


We utilize the latest techniques, products, and materials to assure that our building envelopes are protected from excess moisture so they last and perform over the long haul. This also helps control maintenance costs for clients.

Energy Efficiency

Energy is often the highest ongoing cost in a home. Home First subscribes to Energy Trust measures and exceeds energy efficiency design codes.


Well insulated walls, floors, ceilings with low air leakage (unplanned air infiltration / exfiltration) keep units comfortable.


All appliances are Energy Star rated and LED lighting inside and outside the building assures low monthly power bills, an important aspect of affordable housing.

Water Conservation

Whether fresh potable water or stormwater run-off, water is an important resource. At Home First, we only use WaterSense certified reduced flow devices.


Landscaping irrigation is state of the art, using intelligent controls and drip heads. Plants are native species with and primarily drought tolerant.


Roof gutter run off is diverted to a drywell that returns the water to the soil, not the storm sewers.

Air Quality

Effective moisture control, good ventilation, and low VOC finishes make for a healthy home environment.


Buildings are becoming tighter as a result of good sealing strategies. Homes built to Oregon code typically test at 7 ACH50 (seven air changes per hour at a 50 pascal pressure difference).


Home first structures typically test at <3 ACH50, a substantial improvement.


Both during construction and after construction, Home First is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.


Erosion control measures, including gravel, straw used as ground cover, straining filters at all storm drains along with stormwater barriers and fences are put in place during construction.


After construction, permeable sidewalks and play areas allow matriculation of rain back to the earth.



At Home First we strive to develop buildings that residents are proud to call home. We have developed several core flexible building types, each of can be customized depending on the characteristics of the land, the number of desired units and the needs of future residents.

The Tabor


“Tabor” apartment units can range anywhere from 400 to 1,100 SF, within buildings connected by walkways. 


Tabor buildings are distinguished by their versatility and elevated features. We typically include play structures (sport court, soccer field or playground) and finishes such as granite countertops, Corian window sills and/or washer/dryers in each unit.


The Tabor gets its name from Mt. Tabor, a SE Portland landmark near the neighborhoods where we’ve developed more than 200 of these quality, affordable units.


View a sample floor plan

The Deschutes


“Deschutes” townhouses host 2-3 BR, 1,200 SF townhouse units in groups of four. 


Deschutes townhouses have great curb appeal, ample in-unit storage and parking in the back of each building.


 “Deschutes” is named after the Deschutes River, as our first project of this type is based in Bend, Oregon.



View a sample floor plan

Home First Development Partners Building Plan

The Columbia


“Columbia” apartment units are typically 375 SF, 1BR efficiencies, with everything residents need and nothing they don’t. 


“The Columbia” is named the mighty river next to both cities where we are developing these efficient buildings with local nonprofits and service providers, in St. Helens Oregon and Vancouver Washington.



View a sample floor plan


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