Charlotte B. Rutherford Apartments

6905 N Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97217

Built to give homes to displaced individuals and families in NE Portland, Oregon, this 51 unit affordable housing project was completed in 2018. We're thankful for our partners Central City Concern for the opportunity to bring more affordable housing to our neighbors in the Northwest.

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Development partners
Central City Concern
Number of Units
Parking Spaces
sF Community Space
Affordability Limits
0 - 60% AMI
Portland Housing Bureau
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Community Partner

Description of Project

Charlotte B. RutherfordPlace, developed by Central City Concern, provides 51 units of affordablehousing in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood, with priority given to displaced orlongtime residents of North/Northeast Portland through the City’s Preference Policy.


Charlotte B. Rutherford Placeis part of the City of Portland’s N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy to addressdisplacement and gentrification in the historic neighborhoods of North andNortheast Portland. Longtime or displaced residents with ties to the communityare prioritized for available housing through the Preference Policy.

Developed by Central City Concern, the four-story building has51 apartments for households at 30-60% AMI. These units target employed clientswho seek to exit transitional housing programs. On-site resident servicesinclude culturally specific recovery and employment support throughpartnerships with Miracles Club, the Native American Rehabilitation Association(NARA), and the Imani Program. Additionally, the close proximity to Head Startchildcare, grocery stores, medical facilities, and the Rosa Parks MAX stationand N Lombard Transit Center will support residents in achievingself-sufficiency.

Who is Being Supported

  • Displaced residents of North/Northeast Portland
  • Low income individuals

Home First Development Vision

Access to safe affordable homes for every person in the Northwest.