Belong Art Community

1675 NE 41st Avenue, Portland, OR, 97232

Built to give homes to individuals and families in Portland, Oregon, this 16 unit affordable housing project is scheduled for completion in 2022. We're thankful for our partners Belong Art Community for the opportunity to bring more affordable housing to our neighbors in the Northwest.

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Belong Art Community
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Description of Project

Belong Art Community offers seventeen independent residences, enhanced with shared spaces for social life, creative work, and leisure. The community is for those who don’t always color within the lines or follow a straight path. Belong Art Community’s mission is to provide housing and educational and supportive services for developmentally disabled individuals seeking independence in a community that also includes neuro-typical artists and represents a diverse population.

Who is Being Supported

  • Developmentally Disabled Adults

Home First Development Vision

Access to safe affordable homes for every person in the Northwest.